Hwy 30 Music Fest

June 19-22, 2024 | Filer, Idaho


To purchase tickets for Hwy 30 Music Fest 2023, you must first register for the Raffle giveaway. Registering for the Raffle is free and will generate a unique code that will allow you to purchase tickets for the Festival itself.

Requiring a unique Raffle code to purchase tickets helps us combat fraud and keep ticket prices from being marked up by third-party sellers.

How it Works

1. Click on the Raffle button below and provide some basic information to register.

2. Once you complete the Raffle registration process, you will be given a unique registration code. Do not lose this code, as you will need it to purchase your tickets.

3. Navigate back to this page and click on the Tickets button.

4. Select the tickets you want and enter your unique registration code to unlock them.

5. Follow the instructions to check out and purchase your event tickets